So many registration and ticketing options

If you need a fully integrated solution or something that works with an existing workflow, we’ve got you covered.

Every event is different and needs adaptable registration.

Customisable landing and registration page.

All event attendees can be sent to a fully customisable landing page that can support almost any variation on design needs with optional widgets.

  • Custom domain name.
  • Hero image or a full page image with form.
  • Add to calendar buttons for most services.
  • Event descriptions and information.
  • Embeddable Youtube, Vimeo or Facebook video.
  • Featured speakers with collapsable full list.
  • Scrollable schedual.
  • Custom social sharing metadata.

Bettercast integrated ticketing options

Once a guest has registered to an event, there are multiple ways that ticketing can be managed that will work into almost any workflow.

  • Provide free access – Any event that requires password protection but can be accessed by anyone. 
  • Paid ticketed access – Connect a Stripe account and take payments directly from guests before they access the event. 
  • Access coupons – If registration and ticketing is on another platform or service, we can provide codes that are distributed to registrations and then used to access the event on Bettercast. 
  • NFTs – If the event has released NFTs or used an NFT ticketing service, the owners of the NFTs can connect their wallet and, after verifying ownership, can access the event.
  • Zapier and integrations – Bettercast is connecting with multiple services to streamline ticketing, and we may have a direct connection or one through a service like Zapier.

Email and notifications

It’s super easy to send fully branded and customisable HTML emails to guests and ticket holders. 

  • When a guest registers to attend an event
  • When a guest redeems a coupon 
  • When a guest buys a ticket 
  • Or send an email manually to all registered attendees.

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