The Rise of the Live-Streamed Shopping Event 


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The Rise of the Live-Streamed Shopping Event 

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July 26, 2023



July 26, 2023


Table of contents
The Rise of the Live-Streamed Shopping Event 
July 26, 2023


July 26, 2023

Live-streamed shopping is taking the retail world by storm. Online shopping events that are broadcast in real-time are becoming increasingly popular with brands and consumers alike.

In this post, we’ll look at how live-streamed shopping transforms retail marketing, its benefits for brands and consumers and tips for planning successful live shopping events.

Live-streamed shopping represents an exciting evolution in how brands engage with customers online. These events allow brands to present their products in an interactive broadcast while consumers watch and shop from the comfort of their homes.

While live-streamed selling began in China with Alibaba’s Taobao Live platform, it has spread globally with Amazon and other retailers launching their live shopping services. The global live-streaming market is projected to grow to over $25 billion by 2023 as brands and consumers embrace this new shopping experience.

This post explores how brands can leverage live-streamed shopping events to drive sales, increase reach, and create engaging customer connections. We’ll also look at the consumer appeal of live shopping and tips for retailers on planning successful events.

The Rise of Live Retail

Live-streamed shopping represents an innovative blend of entertainment, content, and commerce. Brands can present their products in real-time, answering customer questions and showcasing products in an engaging, interactive format.

According to HubSpot, 64% of consumers purchase after watching a live video. Live shopping allows brands to replicate the brick-and-mortar experience online, combining product demonstrations, branded content, influencer collaborations and more.

Compared to traditional e-commerce, live shopping provides a more immersive experience where brands can highlight products dynamically with video and explain details in real time. Limited-time offers, and discounts during live events also help drive impulse purchases.

Major Benefits of Live-Streamed Shopping Events

Live-streamed selling offers significant advantages for brands over traditional e-commerce, especially regarding marketing and building customer engagement. Let’s explore some of the important benefits:

Increased Reach & Discovery

Live events expand a brand’s reach beyond existing followers and site traffic. 72% of live video viewers are likelier to purchase after watching a livestream. The events allow brands to get discovered by new audiences who may not have engaged with you otherwise.

Shoppable Entertainment

Blending entertainment and shopping creates a more engaging, interactive experience for viewers. Brands can collaborate with influencers on shoppable live content that showcases products authentically and entertainingly.

Improved Storytelling

With live video, brands can demonstrate products in action, answer real-time questions, and build an engaging narrative around products. Interactive components like live chat and polls further help brands connect with audiences.

Valuable Data Insights

Live shopping tools provide robust data around views, engagement, and purchases. Brands can optimize future content and identify top-converting products based on live shopping analytics.

Increased Conversions

The interactivity and urgency triggered by limited-time offers result in higher conversion rates. CommentSold says live shopping conversion rates can be 5-20x higher than regular e-commerce sites.

Enhanced Customer Experience

The interactive nature of live shopping results in higher customer satisfaction. Viewers feel more connected to brands through personalized engagement during live events.

Overall, live shopping enables more immersive storytelling and impactful interactions between customers and brands – translating into higher sales.

Key Consumer Benefits of Live Shopping Events

Live-streamed selling isn’t just beneficial for brands – it also offers significant advantages for online shoppers:

  • Access to real-time deals and pricing
  • Ability to interact with brands and influencers
  • The entertaining, engaging shopping experience
  • Peer recommendations via live chat and comments
  • A virtual experience that replicates brick-and-mortar stores
  • Seamless checkout without having to pause or leave livestream

According to Rakuten, 65% of consumers see live-streamed shopping as more engaging than regular e-commerce. The interactive nature of live events provides a more enjoyable, personalized shopping journey.

Consumers also appreciate the convenience of shopping online while still having their questions answered in real time by brands. Limited-time promotions and rare products showcased during live events further help drive consumer interest.

Overall, shoppers can access deals, entertainment, interactivity, and recommendations – elevating the traditional e-commerce experience. As live-streamed shopping gains traction globally, consumers are flocking to this new way to shop from home.

Tips for Planning Successful Live Shopping Events

For brands looking to drive higher engagement and sales with live-streamed shopping, here are some critical tips for planning influential events:

Choose the Right Platform

Dedicated live shopping tools like Shopify Live provide robust branding, promotions, stream management and data insights capabilities. Choosing the right platform ensures a polished, glitch-free event.

Promote the Event

Drive registrations and set reminders by promoting your event across email, social media, and influencer channels. Create a sense of exclusivity and urgency through promotions.

Offer Exclusive Products or Deals

Limited-edition products, flash sales, special bundles or one-time discounts help entice viewers to purchase during the livestream.

Engage an Influencer or Co-host

Collaborating with influencers who align with your brand helps attract their engaged follower base. An influencer co-host brings added entertainment value.

Structure the Content

Build a schedule that balances product showcases, announcements, guest appearances, interactive segments, promotions etc. Keep the content varied and engaging from start to finish.

Incorporate Interactive Elements

Polls, giveaways, live chat etc., help consumers feel more connected and inclined to stay tuned in. Gamification through rewards and leaderboards also works.

Provide Shoppable Links

Enable one-click shopping by integrating shoppable product links, carts, and checkout with the video player. Eliminate friction in the purchase process.

Analyze Performance Data

Review metrics on views, add-to-carts, purchases etc., to identify popular products and opportunities to optimize future live shopping initiatives.

With careful planning centred around an engaging mix of content, promotions, interactivity and seamless shopping, brands can produce live events that convert viewers into loyal customers.


Live-streamed shopping represents the future of retail – bringing the experience and energy of brick-and-mortar stores into the digital world. As brands increasingly embrace live selling, it provides a valuable way to engage customers through shoppable, interactive content.

With its ability to drive higher sales through expanded reach and real-time engagement, live shopping delivers tangible ROI while strengthening customer relationships.

As the tools and platforms enable more immersive events, live-streamed shopping will become necessary for forward-thinking brands.

For consumers, live shopping unlocks a more entertaining, interactive way to discover and purchase from brands online. The convenience and community aspect of live events continue to win over online shoppers.

In summary, live-streamed shopping enables brands to tell compelling stories, forge connections, and create engaging experiences that convert viewers into loyal customers. It represents the future of digital retail and intelligent brands should be ready to embrace live selling.


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