A little about bettercast & our team

launched in 2020

Midway through 2020, the wife of Bettercast founder needed a platform for her conference that had to go hybrid. 

He looked around and saw that there were only two options, either spend upwards of $20,000 for a platform that had all the features needed or make do with zoom and deliver a substandard event. 

Neither were good enough so Bettercast was built and went from wireframes to its first paying customer in 8 weeks.

We started scaling in 2021

After launching we started working with partners in Australia and the USA to deliver amazing event experiences for thousands of guests in a very short time. 

Then through friends of the business, we secured some angel funding and was able to start growing the team! 

In late 2021, we began the process of raising some substantial seed investment that will give us the opportunity to not keep growing the product but also support customers in new regions and more.

Meet the team

We strongly believe that cultural and gender diversity builds an amazing company and pride ourselves on having a team that reflects that belief. 

Our team is 100% remote and hails from many diverse cultural backgrounds and passions.


Aleks Zids

Co-founder & COO

Aran Kochhiran

Front End Developer

Benjamin Powell

Founder & CEO

Ekaterina Sirotkina

Lead UX/UI Designer

Eric Kiama

Customer service leader

Hunter Williams

Chief Technology Officer

Hosni Muqedi

Sales & partnerships manager

Kitchanan Asava


Michgolden Ukeje


Naveya Jintaya

Senior Developer

Ronnie Whaley

Marketing content manager

Shakur Mullick


Supitcha Tree

UX/UI designer

Terada Asavapakuna


Join the development team

We’re on the hunt for developers to join your fully remote team, and if you’re interested we would love for you to start the process with us!