Get detailed and instant feedback on guests

Provide all stakeholders with detailed, downloadable and customisable reporting for all ticket sales, registrations and user behaviours in an event. 

Analyse users in real time & make post event reporting easy

Event reporting

Event professionals need to know the ticket and registration details for their event in real-time to gauge the quality of their marketing and to estimate event day attendance. 

  • Ticket sales by type 
  • Total revenue generated
  • Downloadable reports
  • Geographic and device reporting

Real time analytics

Event managers can watch the engagement of viewers and attendees in real-time, knowing exactly how the content is capturing the attention of guests.

  • Report on geographic locations of attendees
  • Watch the sparkline of viewer engagement track minute by minute
  • Report on the referral source from registration and ticket sales

Post event reporting

The platform partner integration with Gosquared gives you access to the Customer Data Hub, which brings together all the information on event attendees 

  • Easily build and save groups such as “latest registrations”, “visitors to exhibitor page”, or “clicks on sponsor banners”.
  • Every profile is automatically updated with the latest activity – see browsing activity and social profile data.
  • and much more

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