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SuperLite and OnePage configurations enable you to start streaming fast and deliver amazing experiences in a fraction of the time.
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What is the SuperLite configuration? 

“Our widget area is fully interchangeable with any of our supported integrations, and we’re adding more daily.”
“Perfect for presentations, product launches, and events that don't need registration.”
Create a branded event page with client logo and URL
Start streaming up to 4K, with no extra costs
Dual RTMP/S streams for backup 
Live streaming data on quality and bitrate
Mobile optimised stream admin for OBS embedding
Custom pre & post event image overlaying the player
Real time viewer analytics 
Embed Slido or other widgets or full width player
Live technical support, when you need it
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What is the OnePage configuration? 

“If the event needs more than one concurrent livestream, the client wants to host workshops or in the case of a hybrid event, interview exhibiutors during the day then Conference can support unlimited live channels.”
“When the client needs more than just a live streaming player on a page”
Full registration and ticketing options
Video networking rooms for breakouts.
Detailed attendee analytics for client reporting
Cloud recording for near-instant VOD
Schedule the days' sessions with dynamic content
Attendee chat or widgets that can update during the event
Upload pre-recorded content to view On-Demand 
A single stream key for the whole event
Make changes to the event content while live
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How is it all managed?

“Our schedule is dynamic and you have the controls to add or remove time from a session or even add a break between sessions, all in real-time.”
“Create unlimited events for yourself, your clients, or multiple departments and manage admin access”
There are no limits on the number of events in your account.
There are no limits on team members or event admins
One low subscription for the platform and the usage can scale automatically
No need for annual contracts or upgrades, we grow with you.
All the support you need, from a team that knows what you need, when you need it.
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See What Else Bettercast Can Do

Features overview
No matter what type of event is being hosted, BetterCast is configurable to suit your needs. OnePage event, An embedded player or a full conference, we can delver.
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Registration & Ticketing
No two events will have the same requirements for ticketing and regisraion. Our system will work with whatever workflow you have now or want to use.
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Administration & Setup
Create a simple VOD page, through to a multiday conference with our easy to use self service system, or hire the BetterCast production team to do it for you!
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Video Management
Live Streaming, video on demand and cloud editing. Built with multiple layers of redundancy on enterprise-grade infrastructure that scales to your needs.
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Account management & Billing
No two events are ever the same and Bettercast has built support for features such as exhibitor pages, sponsor pages, virtual networking and so much more.
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Real time anlaytics , post event reporting and downloadable behaviour based reports you can send to all the key stakeholders.
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We provide almost 24/7 live support for every stakholder in your event. Guests, event production team, AV team and more, live chat, email and phone support. No hidden cost.
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Connect your stripe account or ticketing system, send your registraion data to a marketing platform and show ROI with ease.
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“Let us help you easily build and host amazing events that elevate the attendee experience and drive the ROI for all the event stakeholders.”

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Request A Demo

If you want to have a guided walkthrough of the entire platform and talk to someone about how BetterCast can be changed to meet your specific requirements, contact us at any time.

Bettercast is Australian owned and globally operated. We are dedicated to the ideals of remote accessibility of our platform as well as our team.

We also believe in giving back and doing our part for the environment we offset 100% of the carbon usage of all attendees who attend a virtual or hybrid event on the platform. 
United Kingdom
+44 (0)20 3404 2885
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Request Demo

Request A Demo

If you want to have a guided walkthrough of the entire platform and talk to someone about how BetterCast can be changed to meet your specific requirements, contact us at any time.

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