Do more with your event budget

Hosting your conference or event virtually shouldn’t cost as much as in person. 

Bettercast is here to partner with your conference not replace it.

Simple, Affordable Pricing

Live stream the event

Per room

Each stage or track has a fixed cost per day.

$ 120 aud

You can have one single room for your event, spread over multiple days or use 5 rooms all on the one day.

All additional features come bundled with the first room.

Per viewer

Each viewer has a fixed cost per day.

$ 3 aud

Regardless of the location time spent watching or how many times they watch you only pay a fixed cost per attendee.

It's easy to build this into your ticket pricing for your guests


Monetise Your Content


A branded portal for your content

$ 800 aud

Your live stream was a success but not all your guests could attend. Now your event site has 24 hour access.

Why not sell 12-month access tickets to your event?

Paid access

Let us send you payment monthly

% 5 per ticket

After your content, you can send people to your custom URL, and we will manage registration and payment processing for you.

Then we send you a cheque or direct deposit each month.