OnePage. For simple or short events

OnePage layout

For a single or short event, with low latency streaming and mutliple ticketing options.

Conference layout

Use Conference to replicate the full multi-stage, multi-day conference experience.

Bettercast OnePage

OnePage was built for the smaller hybrid or virtual events, that don’t need all the bells and whistles of the full conference experience, while still providing all the registration and performance of an enterprise platform.

If you want a single page, that can support live streaming, a library of pre-recorded videos and a customisable widget area for engagement tools, then Bettercast Onepage is the right option for you.

We also support subscription ticketing, so if you want to do regular streaming behind a paywall then we’ve got you covered.

For a shorter event

Events that are one-off presentations or short announcements OnePage was built to support you. 

We can support unlimited viewers to your event in glorious 1080p High definition live streams on any device. 

Our widget area can support multiple embedded tools like Slido, Typeform and much more. 

Host breakout networking rooms with our Integrated services, such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Google meet.

Watch anywhere

Our player supports Chromecast and picture in picture


Use the widget area for Q&A and polls, or leave the player full screen.

Breakout rooms

After the streams are over, break users into a live Zoom or video call.

On-demand content

All live streams on the Bettercast platform are recorded for near-instant on-demand catchup viewing. 

Organise past sessions or marketing materials that build your OnePage event page into a content portal that you can use over and over again.

Sell tickets or subscriptions to your site to generate ongoing revenue from past live streams.


Organise the ondemand content into different playlists.

Instant play

High speed CDN's deliver your videos over any connection.


Give your guests an idea of the video with cusotm thumbnails.

Real time analytics

Track the movement of guests in real-time and get minute by minute feedback on viewer quality. 

Watch in real-time as your guests engage in your streaming content and see where they are dropping off. 

This insight helps you to plan more engaging events next time! 

User interaction

Watch how your guests are interacting with your content.

User viewtime

Get real time feedback on the session engagement.

User referalls

Know what marketing or UTM is generating the most engaged user.

Event reporting

Ticket sales, registrations, user behaviour and much more. We track everything, so you get ROI. 

Every part of the platform is tracked so you can get real actionable insights into your event. 

Send your sponsors and exhibitors leads that will convert, and justify their investment into your event!


Drill down on your guest data to know eveything you need.

Ticket sales

Report ticket sales and registraions in real time.


Download CSV's for reporting to your event stakeholders.

Front of house

What your guests see when they attend your hybrid or virtual event?

Back of house

Managing the event production, reporting, analytics and more!

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If you have questions about how Bettercast can support your Hybrid conference or Virtual event, We have an amazing team here to suppor you.

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