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Hybrid Conference Ideas


Table of contents
Hybrid Conference Ideas
March 24, 2021



March 24, 2021


Table of contents
Hybrid Conference Ideas
March 24, 2021


March 24, 2021

It's time to get creative, and you can't do that without a little help. While there are many ways for businesses or companies looking to grow their brand and engagement in the 21st century through virtual events, it is important not only to choose an event type but also how these will be delivered.

If you have recently bought into the hybrid conference idea, you must be excited. But unfortunately, you can't picture the hybrid event in its full glory. As such, you feel stuck. To help you create an engaging hybrid conference event, one that will see your engagement skyrocket, we've compiled some examples of hybrid events from successful companies. Hopefully, these examples get your creative juices flowing.


This is a yearly event hosted by HubSpot, a leading digital marketing company. The hybrid conference brings together many marketing junkies looking to learn new marketing strategies and branding technics from gurus like Alex Rodriguez and Rand Fishkin.

But aside from learning new marketing strategies and networking, the group also enjoys entertainment sessions led by stand-up comedians and musicians from all over the world.  

Given the COVID-19 pandemic, INBOUND hasn't announced its dates yet. However, with the INBOUND team's passion for teaching and recording marketing technics, they might organize a hybrid event for attendees and deliver interactive and engaging sessions loaded with useful information. 

If you like the idea of hosting an annual event but, like HubSpot, are having a hard time maintaining audience attendance courtesy of COVID restrictions, you can borrow a leaf from the hybrid events they host. Plan for an interacting and entertaining event to keep the momentum.  

Webinar World 

This conference has been around for quite some time. Webinar World is an event by WebiNerds for WebiNerds. ON24, the company responsible for planning the event, realized the importance of webinars in today's marketing space. Today, learning the best marketing practices is important.  

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the ON24 in-person webinar didn't happen. However, the success of the hybrid events experienced in the past is proof enough that the hybrid conference events work, and so do virtual events.  

All the keynote sessions and webinars about strategy are available on their official website. Truly, ON24 has mastered the art of producing hybrid experiences that are engaging and involving, whether they are in-person or virtual.  

Growth Marketing Conference 

At Growth Marketing Conference, you'll learn the customer lifecycle marketing, enterprise growth, and product innovation. This conference claims to be the largest digital and growth marketing event in Silicon Valley since it brings together a couple of thousand industry leaders for a conference and workshop that every marketer wants to be a part of.  

With the COVID 19 pandemic messing with the in-person attendance, the Growth Marketing Conference team provides virtual access passes. The offer comes with 250+ webinars and an exclusive growth marketing community of industry leaders.

As earlier mentioned, offering virtual attendees additional perks that they'd otherwise not get with in-person attendance is a great way to reel in more people and ramp up the experience. The Growth Marketing Conference saw an opportunity and seized it. What's stopping you from borrowing from them?

Apple Special Events

Apple has grown to be one of the best-selling companies in the world. Aside from having a great product, Apple has mastered the art of marketing to their target market. They create an experience of every event they hold. It's therefore not a wonder that many people always look forward to their events. Somehow, they manage to push the boundaries and go beyond your expectations.  

Apple Special Events are especially special for tech enthusiasts and Apple fans. Some competitors even look forward to it as well. During this event, the CEO takes the stage and showcases their latest product. Apple lets attendees experience the new products first hand.

Aside from catering to in-person attendees, Apple also live streams to their audience across the globe. Their goal is to reach as many persons as they can. And if past events are anything to go by, they achieve this goal with flying colours.  

Now, while we don't recommend relying only on live streaming, it's a technique that's proved especially helpful for companies and brands launching new products and breaking important news to their target market.  

Public Health Informatics Conference



This might come as a shock to many. No one would have ever thought that the US federal government is behind one of the most successful hybrid conference events. Well, they pulled a great hybrid event in 2012 – the Public Health Informatics Conference.  

Adam Arthur was the person behind the successful hybrid event. He took what would have been a boring conference and turned it into a major branded virtual conference. He is one person that planners should look at for inspiration.  

The event included 900 in-person attendees and 1000+ virtual attendees. These numbers made Arthur realize that the physical bit of the event should be handled like a television show in regards to production.

Adam once said in an interview that the event was photorealistic. It showed the lobbies and everything about the hotel they were in. If you needed to go downstairs, you clicked the escalator button. They had green-screened persons and people walking in lobbies checking their phones. It gave people the feeling of being there in the moment.  

Amazing right? While this level of planning is on another level, it's never too late to understand the nuances that go into making such stellar productions and creating successful hybrid events.   

Agents of Change Digital Marketing Conference 

Agents of Change has made it its mission to serve business owners, entrepreneurs, and marketers to help them reach more of their target market through mobile, social, and search marketing. Anyone who wants to learn how to grow their business online will get a lot of value from listening to their podcasts or attending their yearly Agents of Change Digital Marketing Conference.  

Every September, this digital conference brings together marketing professionals, business owners, and entrepreneurs to discuss everything about digital marketing. The best part about it all is that the conference is available through on-demand video and live stream.

In fact, if you buy the digital pass, you'll have access to their educational content offered during the event anytime you please via their library. This is a neat idea to implement in your next hybrid conference.

ABM Innovation Summit

When the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, ABM Innovation Summit was forced to cancel physical gatherings (like many other companies). After the cancellation, the company recorded a keynote address where the executives spoke about the industry's future. They used these recordings to reach their target audience when everyone was expected to remain behind closed doors.


This is one of the leading live gaming sites. They pulled off a hybrid conference in a big way. Owing to the success of the initial event, hybrid events have now become a regular thing. The events attract gaming fans and live streamers from all over the world.  

Johnson and Johnson

Johnson and Johnson is the leading baby care brand. They have recently held a successful and quite inspirational hybrid event. They used customized branding and easy-to-use UI for both in-person and virtual attendees to have an immersive experience.  


This is a digital marketing giant that has been using different methods to reach its audience, including:

  • High-quality SEO content
  • Data
  • Marketing strategies

They also use varied data and marketing strategies to reach their marketing goals. Though the company doesn't believe live streaming works, they have recorded versions that they make available to customers at discounted rates.  

UEG Week

Back in 2016, UEG Week was one of the biggest and most anticipated gastroenterology meetings in the world. It has over 13,000 attendees, including in-person and virtual. The company was keen to bring its online audience to par through the use of innovative and interactive features such as an e-poster lounge.  

The Social Media Marketing World

Social Media Marketing World was one of the best hybrid conferences in 2020. The recordings of the event are available to-date. Virtual attendees were granted access to private networking groups where they could network and communicate with like-minded people.  

Gainsight Pulse Everywhere

In 2020, this company hosted a free event for its attendees to build a rapport with their intended market. They converted their usual large-scale in-person event into a hybrid conference. During the process, they came across several hardships. However, they managed to pull through. 

Gainsight's hybrid event is an interesting case as it shows that physical events can be converted into hybrid conferences successfully.  

The possibilities for the next hybrid conference that you hold are endless. The above examples are proof of this. Choose a platform that provides engaging and interactive features to boost attendance, engagement, and participation, and you'll be good to go. 

Even as you gather inspiration from the above examples, remember to remain true to yourself. Hold a hybrid event that everyone will have no problem associating with your brand. A simple cut and paste will not work as great.   

Which one did you love from the list? Share with us in the comments below



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