How to Use Facebook Live to Promote and Broadcast Your Events


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How to Use Facebook Live to Promote and Broadcast Your Events

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July 26, 2023



July 26, 2023


Table of contents
How to Use Facebook Live to Promote and Broadcast Your Events
July 26, 2023


July 26, 2023

Facebook Live is a potent yet underutilized tool for professional event managers. Going live on Facebook allows you to give your audience exclusive behind-the-scenes access, promote your event in real-time, and significantly expand your reach.

With the ability to broadcast live video directly from your mobile device, Facebook Live makes streaming accessible and easy. When used strategically, it can help create buzz around your event, drive ticket sales, and foster engagement with attendees before, during, and after.

This comprehensive guide will provide tips and best practices for using Facebook Live at every stage – from promotion in the months leading up to your event to broadcasting live on the event day. Whether you’re an experienced event pro or just starting live streaming, this post will teach you how to fully leverage Facebook Live to promote your brand and engage your audience.

Promoting Your Event Pre-Launch

One of the most significant advantages of Facebook Live is that it allows you to promote your event and get attendees excited before event day. You can use Facebook Live for promotion as soon as your event page is created.

Go Live with Sneak Peeks and Announcements

Give your followers exclusive sneak peeks of what you’re planning for the event. Use Facebook Live to announce venues, speakers, partners, special promotions or ticket sales. The real-time engagement and comments you’ll get from going live will build hype and interest people.

Spotlight Speakers or Vendors

Interview event speakers, vendors or partners via Facebook Live leading up to your event. Ask them questions and let them share insights on what attendees can expect. This is a great way to showcase what makes your affair unique and drive registrations.

Share Venue Tours or Event Set Up

Give your followers behind-the-scenes access to tour the event venue space or see set up and production as it comes together. This exclusive access makes attendees feel special and gets them visually excited for what’s to come.

Live Q&As or FAQs

Host live Q&A sessions to interact with your audience in real-time. Or do a live FAQ session to answer common event questions. Responding to attendees’ questions personally builds trust and connection.

Promotions and Giveaways

Offer special promotions, discounts or giveaways during your pre-event live streams to incentivize registrations. You can require viewers to like, share or comment to be entered to win. This is a great way to expand your reach and get more eyes on your event.

Driving Buzz in the Final Weeks

In the final weeks before your event, it’s time to drive maximum buzz and sell those last tickets. Use these strategies in your live streams during this critical home stretch:

Spotlight Special Guests

If you have any special guests, headliners or VIP attendees, announce them live! Build intrigue by teasing who will be there.

Share Event Schedule

Walk through the detailed event schedule live and allow viewers to ask questions. This builds excitement while eliminating confusion over logistics.

Demo Products or Event Activities

Showcase any unique event activities, vendors or products so attendees know what to expect. Live demos and previews get people visually excited.

Event Day Live Streams

Once your event starts, Facebook Live becomes even more crucial for connecting with attendees in real-time. Here are tips for rocking it on the big day:

Kick Off Live Stream

Go live in the morning to welcome everyone and capture the energizing vibe as attendees arrive. Make announcements, provide schedule reminders or shout out sponsors.

Main Stage Live Streams

Stream full talks, presentations, performances or workshops from the main event stage. This allows you to:

  • Engage remote viewers who couldn’t attend in-person
  • Give in-person attendees a front-row view if the room is filled.
  • Create shareable content and expand your reach.
  • Increase accessibility for those unable to access the stage area physically.

Q&A or Interview Sessions

Host live Q&A sessions with event speakers or influencers. This gives online viewers a chance to engage and pick the brains of experts/celebs.

Facebook Live Interviews with Attendees

Walk around with your mobile phone and interview attendees live on camera. Ask for feedback on the event, their key takeaways, or who they’re excited to see.

Backstage Access

Give viewers rare behind-the-scenes access to what’s happening backstage. Show warm-up areas, production set-up, speakers prepping, etc. Provide that VIP experience!

Announce Giveaway Winners

If you held pre-event contests or giveaways, announce winners live on Facebook. This adds excitement and buzz around rewards.

After-Event Recaps and Highlights

Post-event, Facebook Live allows you to recap everything for those who missed it, and continue the connection with those who attended.

Event Recap

Go live from the venue after the event to recap highlights, announcements and surprises. Share feedback from event surveys as well. Make people wish they came or get excited for next year.

Attendee Reviews

Interview attendees as they exit the event and ask for their live feedback, reviews and testimonials. Positive reactions help sell the experience.

Thank Sponsors

Go live after the event to personally thank all your event sponsors on camera. Sponsors appreciate the recognition and will be more likely to partner again.

Final Tips for Production Quality

While Facebook Live provides an easy broadcasting tool, a few simple techniques will greatly enhance your production value:

  • Use the landscape mode for a widescreen view optimized for live video.
  • For stability, invest in a smartphone gimbal or tripod mount.
  • Make sure the lighting is bright and even, and avoid backlighting.
  • Use a Lavalier mic for crisp, clear audio.
  • Have a backup battery pack on hand.
  • Test your connection in the venue before going live.
  • Switch between front and rear cameras for variety.
  • Monitor comments and engage with viewers as you broadcast.

The Power of Facebook Live

When used to its full potential, Facebook Live provides invaluable exposure for your brand and events. The real-time interactivity keeps followers invested and engaged from start to finish. By following these tips, you can unlock the power of live streaming to promote and broadcast your next event like a pro!


Facebook Live is a game-changing yet underutilized tool for professional event managers. Using live streaming strategically allows you to expand your reach, drive event buzz, and deeply engage online and in-person audiences.

From initial event promotion through post-event recaps, Facebook Live offers invaluable opportunities to connect with attendees and promote your brand. Event organisers can set themselves apart by providing insider access and real-time interaction and keep audiences hooked from the first announcement to the final recap.

Hopefully, this guide has provided you with new ideas, strategies and best practices for integrating Facebook Live across every stage of your event.

Just remember – the key is to stay consistent, participate in the conversation with viewers, and use video to make your followers feel engaged and invested. With thoughtful planning and creativity, the possibilities are endless when you embrace the power of streaming live video.


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