How to Create a Virtual Trade Show Booth


Table of contents
How to Create a Virtual Trade Show Booth

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July 26, 2023



July 26, 2023


Table of contents
How to Create a Virtual Trade Show Booth
July 26, 2023


July 26, 2023

Trade shows and exhibitions are a significant part of marketing and sales strategy for many B2B companies. But with COVID-19 restrictions making in-person events difficult, virtual trade shows have become the next best thing for connecting with potential customers. While virtual booths lack the in-person interactions of live shows, they offer new opportunities to showcase your brand if done right.

In this post, we’ll explore top tips for designing a virtual trade show booth that attracts attendees and leaves a lasting impression.

Hosting a virtual booth at an online trade show or exhibition can increase your brand visibility just like an in-person event. But you’ll need an attractive, engaging booth design to stand out from the digital crowd.

Creating a well-branded virtual space allows you to:

  • Display your products or services creatively.
  • Interact with leads through live chats, videos and content.
  • Offer demos, free trials and special show discounts.
  • Generate new sales prospects and valuable data on interests.
  • Strengthen your brand image in the industry.

You can create an immersive, memorable booth experience online with the right strategy. In this guide, we’ll cover:

  • Design elements for an effective virtual booth
  • Tips for driving traffic and engagement
  • Tech tools to enhance interactivity
  • Marketing your booth before, during and after
  • Measuring results and data from the event

Follow these best practices to build a virtual trade show booth that attracts your ideal audience.

Designing Your Virtual Booth

Your virtual booth needs to catch your attention quickly while communicating your brand identity. Follow these best practices when designing your space.

Choose an Intuitive Platform

Many virtual trade show platforms exist, so select one intuitive for attendees to navigate. Popular options include Hopin, vFairs, 6Connex and more. Test out the booth templates and features to ensure they meet your needs.

Brand Your Virtual Space

Visually customizing your booth makes it recognizable and on-brand. Most platforms allow you to add:

  • Company logo
  • Brand colours and fonts
  • Images or videos

Brand all assets, frames and banners used in your booth design.

Create Zones Within Your Booth

Dividing your booth into zones or sections makes it easy to navigate. Common zones include:

  • Reception: Welcome area with company/product overview
  • Demo: Detailed product demos and interactivity
  • Resources: Content downloads, free trials, special offers
  • Networking: Live chat, meet-an-expert sessions
  • Calendar: Scheduled presentations and webinars

Offer Engaging Content

Your booth needs compelling assets for visitors to interact with, including:

  • Product videos: Show demos, testimonials, explainer animations
  • Downloadable resources: Brochures, whitepapers, guides, case studies
  • Webinars/presentations: Pre-recorded or live-streamed educational talks
  • AR/VR experiences: Immersive 3D product interactions (if the platform allows)

Update assets to showcase new products, features or services. Provide enough variety to engage visitors based on their interests and needs.

Highlight Contact Options

Make it easy for prospects to get in touch after the show by listing contact details prominently. Include:

  • Live chat widget
  • Email sign-up
  • Calendar booking links
  • Social media handles
  • Contact forms

You could offer special show-only discounts or trial offers to incentivize sign-ups.

Driving Booth Traffic and Engagement

An eye-catching booth design alone won’t guarantee visitors. You need to promote your presence and create buzz leading up to the virtual event.

Optimize Your Exhibitor Listing

Most platforms provide an exhibitor list that attendees browse, similar to a live show floor map. Maximize your booth listing with the following:

  • A detailed company description
  • Logos, images and videos
  • Product categories and tags
  • Links to your website and social profiles

This listing serves as your digital storefront, so ensure it represents your brand well.

Promote Your Booth Presence

Inform your audience that you’ll have a booth at the virtual event by:

  • Emailing customer lists with booth details
  • Posting on social media and LinkedIn
  • Adding a banner or countdown timer to your website
  • Running paid ads targeted to the event audience

Build excitement by previewing booth features, contests, speaker sessions and special discounts.

Schedule Live Booth Sessions

Drive traffic by hosting live question-and-answer sessions, product demos, or webinars from your booth. These real-time touchpoints make your presence more dynamic.

Promote the dates and times across marketing channels and set calendar invitations so interested prospects can reserve a spot.

Offer Giveaways and Contests

Encourage booth visits with prizes and perks for attendees. For example:

  • Product trials or software demos for booth visitors
  • Discounts on services or membership plans
  • Draws and contests for free branded merchandise or gift cards
  • Entry by visiting your booth or completing a form

Enhancing Interactivity

Virtual booths shouldn’t just be static web pages. Integrate interactive elements to bring your booth to life.

Live Chat Support

Have team members available right in your booth for real-time chat with attendees. Quick responses to questions build connections.

Product Demos and Trials

If feasible, allow visitors to interact virtually with your product or preview it within the booth platform. Offer free trials or access to demos.


Add fun interactions like spin-the-wheel games, scavenger hunts, live polls and quizzes related to your offerings. These can boost booth time and provide data.

AR/VR Capabilities

Some platforms support augmented or virtual reality. This could allow 3D product experiences right in the booth.

Social Contests

Encourage shares by running contests for the best user-generated social posts about your booth or product. Offer prizes for winners.

Download Gates

Prompt visitors to enter their info to access gated assets like whitepapers, ebooks and toolkits. This can generate promising sales leads.

With a mix of these elements, your booth can effectively connect with prospects in a true-to-life way.

Promoting and Measuring Your Booth

Pre-show promotion is crucial, but don’t forget to market your presence during and after the virtual event.

Live Social Media Coverage

Post updates in real-time throughout the event to give outsiders a peek into the experience. Share photos, highlights, contest winners and quotes from your booth.

Share Post-Show Content

Keep your booth momentum by recapping takeaways or stats in a blog post or video. Repurpose any presentations into gated content.

Analyze Booth Performance

Look at booth traffic stats, lead counts, downloads, chat logs and contest entries. Feedback surveys also provide attendees insights to improve your next booth.

Follow Up with Leads

Nurture any sales prospects generated from the booth by following up post-show. Send emails, offer demos and discounts to leads to move them down the funnel.

A virtual booth can attract and engage just as well as a live trade show with the right mix of branding, content, interactivity and promotion before, during and after. Apply these best practices to maximize your presence and boost measurable results.


While in-person events are irreplaceable for some industries, virtual trade shows provide a practical alternative for showcasing your brand safely during these times. With a well-designed, interactive booth featuring compelling content, your company can gain valuable exposure and leads.

The key is combining an eye-catching visual identity with opportunities for live engagement before, during and after the show.

Use contests, demos, chat and gated content to attract and inform prospects. Promote your booth across channels to build consistent buzz and traffic.

With the strategies covered in this guide, you can create an immersive virtual booth that effectively achieves your branding and lead generation goals.

As virtual events become more popular, please take advantage of their unique opportunities to connect with potential customers online. A creative, strategic presence will set you apart from competitors and forge meaningful connections.


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