How Live Streaming is Making Ecommerce More Inclusive 


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How Live Streaming is Making Ecommerce More Inclusive 

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July 26, 2023



July 26, 2023


Table of contents
How Live Streaming is Making Ecommerce More Inclusive 
July 26, 2023


July 26, 2023

E-commerce has exploded in popularity over the last decade. Online shopping offers convenience, selection, and competitive pricing that brick-and-mortar stores often can’t match. However, the online shopping experience still lacks a critical personal connection between brands and consumers.

Live streaming is emerging as a way to make e-commerce more inclusive. Through live video shopping events, brands can directly engage with customers in real-time.

The interactive nature of live streaming fosters community and makes consumers feel more involved. As live streaming technology improves, it has the potential to revolutionize commerce and create a more personalized and immersive shopping experience.

This article will explore how live streaming bridges the gap between brands and consumers. We’ll look at the evolution of live streaming, benefits for brands and shoppers, use cases across industries, technology enabling live shopping, and the future outlook for this trend. Forward-thinking brands can boost conversion rates by embracing live streaming while making their customers feel valued.

The Evolution of Live Streaming for E-commerce

Live streaming has gained traction as a way to make online shopping more experiential. Chinese e-commerce giants like Alibaba pioneered using live streaming for shopping. During China’s Singles’ Day shopping festival in 2016, Alibaba’s Taobao Live platform featured over 400 brands running live streams. Some streams attracted over 50,000 viewers.

The trend spread across Asia and launched in the U.S. around 2018. Amazon and Instagram are among the Western platforms testing and expanding live shopping features. The global market for live stream shopping is predicted to reach $25 billion by 2023.

Benefits of Live Stream Shopping

For Brands

  • Engagement: Live video shopping enables direct interaction between brands and consumers. Shoppers can ask questions and get them answered in real-time.
  • Storytelling: Brands can use streaming to share their origin stories, manufacturing processes, or company values. Streaming allows brands to build an emotional connection.
  • Conversion: 82% of live video viewers say they’ve purchased after watching a live stream. The interactivity leads to higher sales conversion rates.
  • Targeting: Brands can promote streams to specific demographics and customize content accordingly. Targeted streams resonate more with the intended audience.
  • Data: Brands gain valuable data on what interests viewers and compels them to buy based on live stream analytics. These insights inform future content and product decisions.

For Consumers

  • Convenience: Shop from anywhere without having to visit a store. Live streams bring products and services directly to you.
  • Engagement: Consumers can interact with stream hosts, ask questions, and shape the experience. Streaming feels more personal than passive video.
  • Entertainment: Streaming combines shopping with fun live video content. Brands engage viewers with games, giveaways, guest appearances and more.
  • Community: Regular viewers form connections with hosts, brands and each other. Streams foster an inclusive sense of community.
  • Discovery: The immersive streaming format helps you discover new products or learn more about brands you already love. Streams drive discovery.

Live Streaming Use Cases

Live shopping has taken off across fashion, beauty, electronics, home goods, and more industries.


Fashion brands use live streams to showcase new styles and collections. Viewers browse items modelled by hosts and influencers and shop the looks in real-time.

  • Example: Designer Rebecca Minkoff has driven millions in sales from live streams on platforms like ShopShops. Viewers can screenshot and shop the products worn by models.


Beauty brands provide virtual tutorials and product demos via live stream. Viewers can recreate looks and purchase featured makeup products with one click.

  • Example: Sephora streams makeover tutorials and individual product spotlights. Viewers gain expertise from professional makeup artists.

Home & Electronics

Brands in categories like home, tech and electronics use live shopping events to showcase product features and simulate the in-store shopping experience.

  • Example: Instant Pot does cooking demonstrations on Facebook Live to showcase recipes and product capabilities. Viewers immersed in the experience are more compelled to purchase.


Auto dealerships live stream virtual walkarounds of vehicles on their lots. Viewers gain a detailed look at cars and can purchase directly from the stream.

  • Example: AutoNation uses LiveX to stream custom auto tours. Viewers control aspects like camera angles. The interactivity makes shopping for cars more engaging.

Enabling Technology

Several live-stream shopping platforms and tools have emerged to help brands deliver engaging live shopping experiences:

  • ShopShops: End-to-end live shopping solution including streaming technology, sales capabilities, logistics and data analytics.
  • PopShop Live: All-in-one live shopping platform where brands can host and broadcast streams. Seamlessly integrates shopping carts.
  • CommentSold: Tool for brands to add live shopping functionality to their websites.Includes host apps and shoppable video capabilities.
  • Instagram Shopping: Instagram’s built-in streaming and shopping features like shoppable tags and carts. Makes selling on Instagram simple.
  • Amazon Live: Amazon’s live streaming platform where brands can broadcast demos, promotions and launches. Stream directly on Amazon to engage shoppers.
  • Taobao Live: Part of Alibaba’s ecosystem. Tool for brands to host live shopping events for Chinese consumers on Taobao marketplace.

These platforms provide the tech infrastructure and tools to help businesses quickly deploy live shopping capabilities at scale.

The Future of Live Stream Shopping

Live shopping is still in its early stages, especially in Western markets. However, early success stories suggest it could become a mainstream aspect of the e-commerce experience.

As live streaming technology improves, brands leverage virtual and augmented reality tools to create more immersive shopping environments. For example, imagine virtually trying on clothing live or seeing products integrated into your surroundings through AR.

Adoption among consumers will also continue to grow as live shopping becomes more ubiquitous across social and e-commerce platforms. The convenience and engagement of live shopping will win over more of the mainstream market.

Influencers and creators will also play a more significant role in live shopping. More brands will partner with influencers to endorse products and host branded live streams as an alternative to traditional ads.

While still nascent, live shopping promises to transform e-commerce into a more engaging and personalized experience. As technology evolves, it has the potential to bridge the gap between physical and digital shopping better than ever before. Forward-thinking brands should consider testing live commerce and finding creative ways to enhance the customer experience.


Live streaming presents an exciting opportunity to make e-commerce more inclusive. Shoppable live video enables brands to interact directly with their customers in real-time. The immersive and conversational format fosters community and gives shoppers influence over the experience.

As platforms like Instagram, Amazon and TikTok continue expanding live shopping features, consumers will become more accustomed to buying through live streams.

Delivering shopping experiences in an interactive live format provides a significant competitive edge for brands.

Live commerce can boost engagement, conversions and loyalty while making customers feel valued. While still an emerging trend, live shopping brings us closer to the ultimate personalized and interactive e-commerce experience.


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