Round spaces - our 2nd corporate livestreaming graphics pack with various assets for virtual and hybrid events - all for free.

Get the Round Spaces graphics pack here
Get the Round Spaces graphics pack here

Miss our first graphics pack?

Get it here if you missed it.

What you will find in the Round Spaces graphics pack

Our second free graphics pack is a great way to add some style to your next live virtual or hybrid event. It comes with the following assets in PNG and PS formats in a choice of four different colour schemes:

    • Closing screen
    • Title cards
    • Countdown card
    • Lower thirds (guest, left, right and speaker)
    • Split screens (two and three way)
    • 4 Guests Around Frame
    • 4 Guests Inline Frame
    • Mod and 3 Guests Frame
    • Single Frame
    • Plain Background
    • Going Live Soon Scene
    • Technical Difficulties
    • 3 WebM Stingers/Transitions

All scenes include Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Premiere Project Files.

What is a graphics pack anyway?

A graphics pack is a collection of branded graphics assets that your company may use to supplement your video material. They typically include all or any of the assets included in the package above, which is essentially a collection of frames for you to place text on to introduce your speakers or add captions to your livestream.

Why does my livestream need a graphics pack?

Graphics packs improve the look and feel of your livestream material while also reinforcing your brand’s identity. They bring polish, professionalism, and consistency to the formula. A bespoke graphics package offers cohesiveness throughout your business’s marketing material by utilising your current brand style, or that of an event or campaign.

In a nutshell, it helps your video content blend in with and complement your identity, allowing your audience to identify and recall your brand more easily.

Without a graphics pack, you run the risk of looking like a tinpot company, or worse, irreversibly damaging your brand.

What people expect from live events has changed

Event professionals need a platform that’s flexible, easy-to-use and high quality, without eating up the entire budget.

Enter Bettercast.

We partner with you, the event production team to create high quality virtual or hybrid events.

With real-time support, an intuitive UX, and a highly flexible platform, we enable events to be delivered flawlessly, within the budget and without compromise.

The show always goes on.

With real time technical and customer support, and multiple layers of redundancies, all of the risk has been removed.

Any type or style of event.

From a one hour presentation to a multi-day, multi-stage conference, this is a truly flexible platform that can do it all.

Get more from the budget.

The platform cost shouldn’t take the biggest part of the event budget. 

Put more of it back into the production.

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