We focus on guest experiences

Easy-to-use design

No matter what the technical skill of your attendees, BetterCast users can navigate the stages, exhibitor pages or any part of your event with the greatest of ease. 

There is no learning curve to the platform and we dedicate ourselves to making the user experience as simple to understand as we can.

Custom event and registration pages

Drive traffic to your high converting, custom landing page, for a simple way to manage your registrations.

Ticketing and access

Adaptable to any ticketing process you have or need

Access codes

Distribute access codes if you're using your own ticketing & registraion.

Paid or Free

Connect your own Stripe account or free access.

Customising your page

Custom domain

Send your guests to an event specific URL for access.

Branded style

Customise the page to your brand look and feel with ease.

Attendee Engagement

Enhance the event experience with our integrations.

Polls and quizzes

Our Slido integration connects your in-person and onlne polling and Q&A in one.

Breakout rooms

Let your guests talk face to face with our embedded chat or Zoom integrations.


Accessibility for all people means more engagement.


Our Akkado integration can support multi-lingual audio interpretations.

Captions and transcripts

AI or human captions and transcripts on demand.

Front of house

What your guests see when they attend your hybrid or virtual event?

Back of house

Managing the event production, reporting, analytics and more!

Book a time

If you have questions about how Bettercast can support your Hybrid conference or Virtual event, We have an amazing team here to suppor you.

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Bettercast is Australian owned and globally operated. We are dedicated to the ideals of remote accessibility of our platform as well as our team.