Highly flexible event creation

From a single page to a large scale event, you can customise Bettercast to fit your needs perfectly.


Customise your navigation

All elements in your sidebar can be edited. Add or remove functions based on your needs, or even insert links to 3rd party sites.

Welcome your guests

Show past event photos or even embed a video its completely up to you.

Event schedule

Each room or track is shown here, searchable day by day or session by session. 

This also becomes a navigation for your guests if you are using the service after your live event.


Live stream or on demand

Your video will play here on all browsers and mobile devices. You can pre-record video or do a direct live stream. 

Dynamic content

As your event progresses through the day, the content for each presentation will automatically update. This ensures your guests are never wondering what sessions is currently playing.

Change session length in real time

No session ever runs on time, with Bettercast, you can change session start, finish or length in real time, then with you want playback, the sessions are matched perfectly.

About content

Customisable content to give your viewers more context in the video. 

You can also embed Slido into this area to manage questions and answers.


Hosted networking rooms

You can have featured or general rooms. Let your speakers or exhibitors host their own room. 

Guest created rooms

You can assign rooms to special exhibitors or presenters, or you can allow your event guests to create their own group rooms!


Categorise your exhibitors

Manage your exhibitors into as many categories as you need.

Link to the exhibitor microsite.

Each exhibitor can have a microsite within your event. With about content, videos, links, contact forms and much much more.


About us

Customisable content for your exhibitor about us.

Our People

Up to 4 contact cards with Avatars, Contact  and position details, Biography and Social Links

Our Product

Embeddable videos, Downloadable assets, Product images and links and customisable text area for product promotion.

Our Deatil

All the exhibitor contact details, address and social links. A trackable contact form for lead generation and Calendly integration for meeting bookings and more.

In detail

  • Web and Mobile Friendly views
  • No limit on live stream viewers numbers
  • Both live stream and pre-recorded options
  • Multi-track live streaming rooms.
  • RTMPS support.
  • Schedule preview for the whole event.
  • Video recording for playback in all rooms
  • Upload recordings of the live stream for viewing.
  • Monetisable video on demand.
  • Sell yearly access to your platform.
  • Sponsor page & links
  • Exhibitor Profiles
  • Detailed analytics for sponsor ROI reporting
  • Site-wide banners for event sponsors
  • Room banners for track sponsors


  • Embed Slido into your presentation content
  • Hosted group video networking rooms
  • Attendee created group video networking rooms


  • Downloadable assets
  • Embeddable videos
  • Lead generation from contact forms
  • Calendly integration
  • Digital business cards for up to 4 exhibitor contacts
  • Exhibitor hosted group video networking rooms
  • Exhibitor hall 
  • Login with coupon access
  • Registration on signup
  • Works with your existing ticketing solutions
  • Event branded URL
  • Event branded logos and design customisation


  • Chat support for guests during your event.
  • Asia Pacific business hours for you.
  • Chat and email support for the organiser
Bettercast can generate a dashboard or daily reporting for you
  • How many guests attended today’s event
  • How many people viewed each session.
  • What are the contact details for each attending guest?
  • Leads list for booth attendance.
  • How many guests interacted with a sponsor
  • How many guests interacted with a presenter
  • What presentation generated the most interest.

Bettercast works with any RTMP source