Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about Bettercast

Bettercast was built by a team of people that have experience producing events on all sides of the aisle, and as such we know what is important for your event to have:

  • Comprehensive features that will adapt to any style of event.
  • Extremely user friendly with no learning curve so no matter what age or technical skill level attendees have, they will be able to navigate it.
  • No downloads or installs. Just sell access and they log in.
  • Innovative options for ticketing and registration that will work with any existing system you have.
  • Accessibility certified (one of the most accessible platforms out there)
  • Feedback-driven development
  • Dedicated and in your timezone phone, video, chat and email support for all partners before, during and after your event.
  • Instant live chat support for all your event attendees so they are never waiting for assistance on any issue they may 
  • Roughly 30% of the price of equivalent competitors

The Bettercast platform, using the “Conference” configuration will enable you to run as many concurrent live streams as you want. All streams are recorded and can be edited within the portal so you have on-demand viewing for guests within minutes of the event ending.

We have multiple levels of support for any type of event, and they are all included in your platform fee. 

1 – Concierge onboarding: 

During your setup phase, we will assign an event producer to your event, who will be able to assist you in the collation of content, editing of images, and set up of your event from start to finish. They will work with you to troubleshoot any issues or platform changes you need to make sure that we can work within your current process. 

2 – Tech support

Before and during your event, our production team will liaise with the live streaming team to test and configure the platform so all stakeholders can be sure that the quality of production will exceed expectations.

During the event, our team will monitor the stream and deliver live feedback as we’re the eyes of the audience.

3 – Customer support

Before and during the event, we offer live chat and email support to all attendees to ensure that any technical problems they may encounter are dealt with as fast as possible to make sure no one misses anything. 

4 – Post-event support

After the event there we will be there to go through the reports and analytics to ensure you have what you need to send the stakeholders proof of their ROI from their event.


Check our reporting page for a detailed answer to this question.


Every event that is streamed on the Bettercast platform is recorded in the highest quality we receive and then, you have an option to edit the sessions into individual clips, that match the session schedule. 

These edited clips are available for download by you or viewing by event guests within minutes of completing the event. 

No downloads, local edits, uploads shares and posting. It’s all managed within the platform. 

We believe in high-quality video and as such there are no additional costs if you want to stream at 1080 or even 4K bitrates. 

For best delivery though, we recommend 1080p at 5.5Kbps at 30fps. 

There are two options for latency management in a Betterast live stream. 

1 – Low latency.

We can support low latency streaming that will have approximately 5 seconds delay. 

*If you are streaming in low latency we STRONGLY recommend you provide a redundant live stream as we provide no reconnect window on low latency.

2 – Standard.

For a little extra quality assurance, we suggest streaming at standard latency which is approximately 20-25 seconds delay. 

Making sure that your event goes on, and knowing that something will always go wrong is why we built in multiple levels of live streaming redundancy into our systems. 

1 – 60 seconds reconnect. 

As soon as you start streaming we build in a 60 seconds buffer into your stream so if you have any problems with your internet or encoder then the stream will continue for up to 60 seconds before cutting out. You have this time to reconnect and continue the stream again and viewers will not know anything has happened.

2 – Dual failover. 

If possible, you can stream two to our platform from separate encoders or internet connections, so if one of them fails, the Bettercast platform will automatically switch to the backup for uninterrupted event delivery.

3 – Multiple CDN’s 

Once the video leaves the Bettercast servers heading to the viewers, we post it across 3 independent Content Delivery Networks, so if one goes out or there is any delivery or buffering issues, we automatically switch the viewer to another system to continue delivering a high-quality experience without the viewer ever noticing.

Bettercast is built to work with any encoding solution on the market, either software like OBS or Vmix, or hardware, we provide a RTMP or RTMPS URL and Stream key and you can stream to our platform. 


While Bettercast doesn’t have a built-in live streaming studio such as you will find in services like Restream and others, we do have an editing studio where you can clip the day’s live stream into segments so viewers don’t have to search through hours of a video stream to find that one session they want to watch.

Currently, we work with Trybooking as an official ticketing integration service. 

For payment processing, you can integrate your own Stripe account. 

We will soon release a Zapier integration for use with all other ticketing services. 

There are many, many use cases for why you would choose Bettercast for your next event, but here are a few. 

1 – The hybrid conference 

If the event requires multiple live streaming stages, over multiple days. If you want an app that guests in person can use to navigate the event, as well as sponsor, exhibitor, chat, networking and more then the Conference configuration is the right choice. 

2 – The virtual event 

When you have a fully remote event, with guests attending from around the world, over multiple timezones and languages. 

3 – The accessible event 

When you want to deliver your event to everyone and not discriminate access based on physical or geographic limitations. 

4 – A single service for everything

When you want to combine registration, ticket sales, live streams, event schedules, sponsors, exhibitors, marketing emails, in-person mobile app, On-demand video access and detailed reporting into one, very low-cost tool.

Bettercast is the service for you.