Bettercast is built flexible for any style of event a client needs.

If the event manager wants to sell tickets to a 3-hour presentation or use NFTs to give access to a multi-day multi-stage conference, Bettercast was built to adapt.

Two distinctly different event formats, that can fit any virtual or hybrid event.

For a shorter event use the OnePage event type.

Sometimes a client will require a basic, one-page platform that will host a short presentation or announcement. 

Our widget area is fully interchangeable with any of our supported integrations, and we’re adding more daily.

  • Crystal clear, low latency 1080p video streaming
  • On-demand viewing.
  • Ticketing (if you need it)
  • Live analytics and post-event reporting
  • Polling or Q/A integrations like Slido
  • Details on speakers, downloadable assets and session overview
  • Host breakout rooms with our Zoom, Teams, Google Meet or use Bettercast’s one click
  • Works on any device and our player supports Chromecast, full screen, PIP and apple airplay
  • Large widget area that is fully interchangeable with any of our supported integrationsM

On-demand content

Bettercast records all livestreams at its maximum ingest quality, and when you use our video clipping tool, you can have HD on-demand playback live for viewing in a few min.
No more downloading, editing and reuploading.  

  • Categorise all past recordings 
  • Upload previous videos to centralise content.
  • Hight quality playback
  • Create custom thumbnails 
  • Edit the content accompanying videos for viewer information.

When a single page wont cut it, the Conference event type is feature packed.
It's everything in Onepage plus a lot more!

Dynamic Scheduling

No event ever runs perfectly on time but attendees need to know what session they are watching, who is speaking and of course, get any content to download at the same time. 

Our schedule is dynamic and you have the controls to add or remove time from a session or even add a break between sessions, all in real-time. 

  • Schedule shows in viewers’ timezones
  • Insert breaks and change session length on the fly
  • Use presentation content to augment your runsheet
  • Content updates in real time for viewers to stay up to date
  • Easy navigation for all level of user

Livestreaming & On-demand

If the event is in need of more than one concurrent livestream, the client wants to host workshops or in the case of a hybrid event, interview exhibiutors during the day then Conference can support unlimited live channels.

You can also upload content from previous events, and host that in the on-demand page.

  • Unlimited concurrent livestreams
  • Dual channels with automatic failover
  • Dynamic schedualling
  • No limits on stream length
  • Unlimited viewers on streaming and recordings

Breakout and Networking

Event attendees can network online with a single click using the Bettercast networking area. 

If more functionality is required we have integrated with Zoom, Teams and google Meet allowing you or the clients to use the best tools however they need to.

Additionally, guests create their own rooms, invite other attendees or just have a hangout chatting with sponsors, speakers or themselves.

  • No download needed
  • Keeps guests in the event after the streams have ended
  • Can be used as breakout or workshop rooms

Exhibitor hall and microsites

Every event needs to show some ROI for the stakeholders and this is most important for exhibitors. 

In the platform, we provide micro-websites that function as lead and sales generation tools for everyone involved in the conference.

  • Links to social and website channels
  • Downloadable assets
  • Embedded videos
  • Team virtual business cards
  • Video call virtual booths
  • Contact forms 


Speaker profiles

Speaker profiles are a great way for users to get to know the talent presenting at an event. 

The speaker details also link to the presentation content area during a live or on-demand video. 

  • Short or long biography supported
  • Links to social and websites
  • Links to the presentation they are featured in.
  • Bio will also show on the registration page widgets.

Sponsor pages

Sponsors can be promoted on their own page that is fully customisable to fit any sponsor requirement. 

  • Custom categories
  • Links to social and websites
  • Large and small sponsor cards
  • Short or long sponsor biography

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