Conference. Take your event online

OnePage layout

For a single or short event, with low latency streaming and mutliple ticketing options.

Conference layout

Use Conference to replicate the full multi-stage, multi-day conference experience.

Bettercast conference

Conference is the full event experience with all the functions and features needed to give your guests as close to the in-person event experience as possible. 

With multiple ticketing options, unlimited live streaming stages, speaker profiles, sponsors pages, full exhibitor micro-sites and many networking features your guests can be as close to the event as possible, without leaving their desks.

Dynamic Scheduling

Throughout your day you can update start and end times for any of the sessions, and visually represent your entire multi-track conference in one easy to understand view. 

Bettercast can support unlimited concurrent live streams spanning multiple days. 

Your schedule also doubles as your event navigation and a single click to get to your on-demand recordings. 

Localised time

Set your event timezone and your guests see it in theirs.

Content rich

Add critical information to the session overview with ease.

Easy navigation

Know what marketing or UTMS are generating the most engaged user.

Exhibitor hall and microsites

Your sponsors and exhibitors can generate engagement and leads with a fully featured micro-website hosted on your event site. 

With downloadable assets, embeddable videos, virtual business cards and much more you can easily show a return on their investment into your hybrid event. 

Lead generation

Watch how your guests are interacting with your content.


See the moment that guests start to leave your event or sessions.


Know what marketing or UTMS are generating the most engaged user.

Breakout and Networking

Bettercast has integrated with Zoom, Teams and Google Meet to enable you or your sponsors, exhibitors or guest speakers to host mini virtual events within your conference. 

You can also let your guests create their own virtual networking room to do deals or close sales with ease. 


Zoom, Meet, Teams or Bettercast WEBRTC to host breakouts.

Hosted rooms

Let your sponsors or exhibitors host mini sessions and virtual rooms.

Speakers and sponsors

The speaker’s detail page will give your guests a chance to know your delegates in detail to get to know the experts delivering the content and presenting to them, including bios and the ability to link to their Linkedin. 

Sponsors also get a page that can support images, text and tracked links to their website or their exhibitor page in your event where they can generate leads or have conversations with your guests. 


Let your guests know the qualifications of your speakers.

Custom links

Speakers can drive leads or referalls to any URL or social network.


We track eveything so you can report on any click or view.

Real time analytics

Track the movement of guests in real-time and get minute by minute feedback on viewer quality. 

Watch in real-time as your guests engage in your streaming content and see where they are dropping off. 

This insight helps you to plan more engaging events next time! 

User interaction

Watch how your guests are interacting with your content.

User viewtime

Get real time feedback on the session engagement.

User referrals

Know what marketing or UTM is generating the most engaged user.

Event reporting

Ticket sales, registrations, user behaviour and much more. We track everything, so you get ROI. 

Every part of the platform is tracked so you can get real actionable insights into your event. 

Send your sponsors and exhibitors leads that will convert, and justify their investment into your event!


Drill down on your guest data to know eveything you need.

Ticket sales

Report ticket sales and registraions in real time.


Download CSV's for reporting to your event stakeholders.

Front of House

What your guests see when they attend your hybrid or virtual event?

Back of House

Managing the event production, reporting, analytics and more!

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