Be confident in video and content delivery

We know how many ways a livestream or online event can go down; we’ve been in AV, events and software for years. 

So we built in redundancies and protections to be sure the show will always go on.

Get back the control of the stream from glass to glass

Stream admin

Our platform works with any RTMP or RTMPS source, meaning we get out of the way of your production workflow and you retain total control of the event. 

Use our Pre and Post event holding image selector to manage what the live streaming viewers will see.

  • Stream at 1080P 5500 Kbps at 60fps.
  • Unlimited concurrent live streaming stages.
  • Dual-channel streaming with automatic failover.
  • Real-time feedback on stream health.
  • Low latency (5 second) streams or
  • 60 second reconnect window with 25 second latency.
  • Auto AI captioning (enhanced with custom dictionary).

We support any encoder

Cloud editing and Catchup

Bettercast records every livestream, in the highest quality allowing you to create high quality video for on demand viewing.

  • Deliver on-demand catchup viewing within minutes of the event day end.
  • Our AI will find the start and end of each session in the full day recording for you.
  • All captions are automatically converted into transcripts.
  • Download the clipped video for publication on other platforms.
  • Add a custom thumbnail to each video. 

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