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We build great products because we love it

We strongly believe that cultural and gender diversity builds an amazing company and pride ourselves on having a team that reflects that belief.
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Launched in 2020

Midway through 2020, the wife of Bettercast founder needed a platform for her conference that had to go hybrid.

He looked around and saw that there were only two options, either spend upwards of $50,000 for a platform that had all the features needed or make do with zoom and deliver a substandard event.
“Neither were good enough so Bettercast was built and went from wireframes to its first paying customer in 8 weeks.”
After launching we started working with partners in Australia and the USA to deliver amazing event experiences for thousands of guests in a very short time.
Then through friends of the business, we secured some angel funding and was able to start growing the team!
late 2021
We began the process of raising some substantial seed investment that will give us the opportunity to not keep growing the product but also support customers in new regions and more.
We’re starting to grow and gather momentum, delivering amazing events and building fantastic partnerships.

Meet the Team

Bettercast was built on the principal that the best people aren’t always in the same area. We belive that diversity in a company is critical to a successful team and accepting culture.
Benjamin Powell
Founder and CEO
Chris Watt
General Manager
Ekaterina Sirotkina
UX/UI Designer
Eric Kiama
Franz Franco
Community Manager
Hunter Williams
Justin Janitzek
Community Manager
Kitchanan Asava
Michgolden Ukeje
Min Maung Maung
Oluwadara Awojide
Project Manager
Ronnie Whaley
Marketing Manager
Solomon Eshiet
QA Tester
Tatiana Kazadaeva
UI Designer
Thor Halverson
Thoreen Halvorsen
Digital Traffic Coordinator

Join the BetterCastTeam

“We’re on the hunt for professionals to join our fully remote team, and if you’re interested we would love for you to start the process with us! ”
This is the first step in the application process, once you fill in this form we will contact you to arrange a live coding test.
    Once successful, we will have one more interview for cultural fit and then if you're as awesome as we hope you are, we can start you working right away!
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We do not have any positions open.
This is where there would be a detailed job description that would tell you everything you need to know about working with Bettercast. 

What we offer:
BetterCast is 100% remote first and we totally support that.

- Internet and Technology allowance.
- Maternity or paternity leave.
- Company merch.
- Front-loaded vested share options.
- Unlimited time off (14 days enforced)
- Opportunities for training and courses.
- Co-working space allowance.
- Cost of living increases yearly
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See What Else Bettercast Can Do

Features overview
No matter what type of event is being hosted, BetterCast is configurable to suit your needs. OnePage event, An embedded player or a full conference, we can delver.
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Registration & Ticketing
No two events will have the same requirements for ticketing and regisraion. Our system will work with whatever workflow you have now or want to use.
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Administration & Setup
Our production team will work with you to setup your event. Then your production team can manage the delivery of the conference with ease.
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Learn more
Video Management
Live Streaming, video on demand and cloud editing. Built with multiple layers of redundancy on enterprise-grade infrastructure that scales to your needs.
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Account management & Billing
No two events are ever the same and Bettercast has built support for features such as exhibitor pages, sponsor pages, virtual networking and so much more.
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Real time anlaytics , post event reporting and downloadable behaviour based reports you can send to all the key stakeholders.
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We provide almost 24/7 live support for every stakholder in your event. Guests, event production team, AV team and more, live chat, email and phone support. No hidden cost.
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Learn more
Connect your stripe account or ticketing system, send your registraion data to a marketing platform and show ROI with ease.
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“Let us help you easily build and host amazing events that elevate the attendee experience and drive the ROI for all the event stakeholders.”

Request Demo

Request A Demo

If you want to have a guided walkthrough of the entire platform and talk to someone about how BetterCast can be changed to meet your specific requirements, contact us at any time.
Bettercast is Australian owned and globally operated. We are dedicated to the ideals of remote accessibility of our platform as wellas our team.
United Kingdom
+44 (0)20 3404 2885
+61 (02) 8379 8908

Request Demo

Request A Demo

If you want to have a guided walkthrough of the entire platform and talk to someone about how BetterCast can be changed to meet your specific requirements, contact us at any time.
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