Victorian Planning & Environmental Law Association host their annual conference each year, usually selecting a scenic location in regional Victoria and hosting a few hundred guests from around Australia.

Each year delegates discuss corporate and government impacts on the environment and how different organisations tackle bug issues. 2020 was no different however Covid, of course, limited travel and gathering, no less for VPELA, than everyone else.

After deciding to try a virtual event as well as planning their event to take place over 9 days throughout the course of November, the team at VPELA set about, with their audiovisual provider, the team at VPELA, researching platforms to use.

The event was to be a mix of 1 hour webinars over 7 days, which culminate to 2, full days that were to be streamed from a studio, however this requirement meant that the platform required would need to be flexible for this purpose. The team had just about decided on a platform, until they were told the overall cost for their requirements were going to be in excess of $20,000 USD, which put it instantly out of their price rage. Then they Found Bettercast.

The Goal:

VPELA needed to replicate as close as they can, their usual annual event. This included a way to promote their sponsors, drive traffic and leads to exhibitors, provide breakout rooms and networking for their talks as well as provide the high quality content that drove their guests back year after year.

Now, VPELA also needed to do all of this online. So the requirement was to find a platform that could provide all these in person requirements, but do it 100% online.

The Result:

Firstly VEPLA hired Live Streaming Services Australia to provide all the technical know how to bring video calls with presetners from around australia into a central point, that could then be streamed onto the Bettercast platform. These webinars went for approx 1.5 hours a day for the first 7 days of the event scheduale.

Second VPELA booked in 2 days in a small converted studio in Melbourne suburbs to present the last 2 full days of their event with a multi-camera production.

Bettercast was able to provide a flexible platform that would work with VPELA’s existing ticking service to register their attendees and deliver high quality, low latency streaming video to their hundreds of paying attendess from Australia and USA.