14 Key Personality Traits Of A Successful Online Event Planner


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14 Key Personality Traits Of A Successful Online Event Planner

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November 10, 2021



November 10, 2021


Table of contents
14 Key Personality Traits Of A Successful Online Event Planner
November 10, 2021


November 10, 2021

Table of Contents

One of the biggest challenges that online event planners face is finding a way to make their events successful without being able to overcome logistical issues in person. A successful online event planner needs to have certain personality traits in order to be successful. The following are key personality traits of a successful online event planner:


An online event planner needs to be very flexible in order to accommodate a variety of different personalities and needs. Online events can have any number of attendees, including just one attendee.

An online event planner needs to be able to adapt quickly to the changes that may come up throughout the planning process.


An online event planner needs to be very creative in order to attract people to their events and keep them interested in the long term. Being able to think outside of the box allows online event planners to generate unique ideas that will differentiate their events from others.

Ability to manage different personalities and difficult situations

An online event planner needs to be able to manage different personalities and overcome any issues that may arise during the planning process. When working with a variety of different personalities, an online event planner needs to be able to work with everyone and make them feel comfortable.

An event planner also needs to be able to handle difficult situations with tact and diplomacy, as the situation may result in a heated or emotional debate that needs to be resolved as diplomatically as possible.

Ability to communicate well with others

In order for an online event planner to be successful, they need to have good communication skills. The ability to communicate well is critical in being able to explain the reasoning behind a particular decision or action and convinces people that a decision or action was made for a specific reason.

An online event planner also needs to be able to gather information by asking the right questions and listening carefully to what others have to say. They need to be able to combine all of the information gathered, make sense of it themselves, and tell others why they made specific decisions or came up with certain strategies.

Knowledge of an online environment

The online environment is completely different from the traditional world of event planning. An online event planner needs to have a thorough understanding of an online event’s features and functions, what is possible and not possible with an online event, and potential issues with hosting the event in an online environment.

An online event planner also needs to be aware of how people interact with each other on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Reddit. They need to know when certain types of posts turn into discussions that may include several people.

Being a people person and team player

One of the most important personality traits that an online event planner needs to have is being a people person and a team player.

Being a people person means having good interpersonal skills, a strong understanding of others’ emotions, and being able to work well with others in order to accomplish specific goals or tasks.

An online event planner also needs to be a team player and work well with others; they need to make sure that everyone is on the same page and knows what their individual roles are.

Highly organised and efficient

An online event planner needs to be very highly organised and efficient in order to plan an event that runs smoothly from beginning to end. The more time that is spent planning, the less time there will be for issues to pop up which could have been avoided if they were dealt with earlier on.

Being a high achiever and a go-getter

Online event planning is all about achieving specific goals and reaching set milestones. An online event planner needs to be a high achiever in order to accomplish their milestones in an efficient manner.

Being a go-getter means that they will not wait for someone else to come up with ideas or strategies; they prefer taking action themselves rather than waiting for others to get the ball rolling.

Budgeting capability

An online event planner’s budget is vital in determining whether or not an event meets everyone’s expectations.

Being able to manage a budget effectively means that there are no cost overruns, unexpected expenses, or issues with the final costs of the event. An online event planner needs to know where they can cut back if necessary and be aware of the need for cost controls.

High emotional intelligence (EQ)

Emotional intelligence is the ability to be aware of one’s own emotions as well as the emotions of others, and effectively manage those feelings in order to achieve specific goals.

An online event planner needs to have a high EQ to know how others are feeling, read a situation well, and effectively deal with the emotions of those around them.

Attention to detail and pride in work

An online event planner needs to have a great eye for detail, be meticulous about planning events, and take pride in their work. Their final product will not meet their own high standards if they are not able to pay close attention to the details involved.

Determination to succeed and stamina to work hard

An online event planner needs to have a great deal of determination to accomplish all their goals and milestones. In the online world, it is possible for an event to be cancelled or postponed due to outside forces, so an online event planner must be determined enough that this would not stop them from completing their work.

An online event planner also needs to have stamina and work hard in order to accomplish all their goals. Being able to maintain a strong work ethic consistently throughout the event will keep everyone on track, as well as make it possible for an online event planner to give 100% of themselves every day.

Ability to learn and adapt quickly

In today’s world, things change constantly and an online event planner needs to be able to learn new skills very fast for them to stay relevant and on top of their game.

They also need to be able to adapt quickly in the online world as well, adapting quickly to new software or other technology that can help them become more productive.

In addition, if a certain approach or tactic does not work, they will need to have the ability to swiftly adapt their strategy so that it is more successful for them going forward. A solid plan can fall apart in a heartbeat with large numbers of people involved. So, it is important for an online event planner to be able to adapt quickly.

Quick thinking and fast responses

An online event planner needs to be able to think on their feet, be proactive when issues or problems pop up and be able to respond to them quickly. They need to make decisions fast even when under pressure, and still check with the relevant people before doing anything final.

The world of event planning isn’t always glamorous and we all know the best events are the ones that go off without a hitch. Which personality traits do you display in your professional life? Do any of these sound like you? If so, it’s time to power up those skills because success awaits! 


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