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13 Reasons Why You Should Broadcast Your Event Live


Table of contents
13 Reasons Why You Should Broadcast Your Event Live
November 16, 2021



November 16, 2021


Table of contents
13 Reasons Why You Should Broadcast Your Event Live
November 16, 2021


November 16, 2021

Table of Contents

You've been telling yourself you don't need to broadcast your event live because it's not a big deal and no one will care. However, broadcasting isn't just for huge events like the Olympics, Grammy Awards, or World Cup Finals. It's also perfect for small events such as conferences, meetings, and even team-building exercises!

But the big question is, who would benefit from broadcasting their event LIVE?

- Entrepreneurs who're launching new products or services

- Professionals like doctors, lawyers, and freelancers doing consultations

- Authors or speakers giving talks at seminars

- Startup founders pitching to potential investors LIVE!

- Politicians giving a speech at a rally or conventions

The list is endless! You can do a lot more with live streaming than you think. Having said that, here are 13 reasons why live-streaming your event is a game-changer

Your audience is everywhere

The truth is, your event doesn't have to be only for the people who live nearby or those who can physically attend. Live-stream it and you're reaching a much bigger audience across the globe!

What's more? More and more people prefer watching a live stream video rather than reading a blog post. If you want to be thorough with your event promotion, then broadcast it live so that you can reach as many viewers as possible!

Online event forums are an effective way of encouraging discussions

If you want online discussions for your events then live-streaming is the perfect option! Live videos are said to generate 63% more comments than non-live videos. If there's something you want people to comment on (such as questions for speakers), having a live video is a great way to get them to do it.

Organic reach is tough

Promoting your event organically on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook can be hard especially if you don't have a huge following or a big budget to spend on ads.

When you broadcast it live, you'll get the attention of more viewers who want to watch the stream. This gives you better chances of reaching out to potential attendees through their social media accounts!

In other words, live streaming gives you better odds of getting views since many people are actually searching for live videos these days rather than watching pre-recorded ones later on.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Some marketers doubt that live videos can be SEO-friendly but in fact they do help with SEO since the keyword search volume for live streaming is 4 times higher than non-live streaming video results!

If you want to come up on top when people search for events such as yours, then live streaming could give you an upper hand when it comes to organic traffic and SERP rankings.

High conversion rate

If your main goal is lead generation then live-streaming helps with conversions due to the high views and engagement rates! When you make your event content available online, more people will see it. This gives you better chances of getting leads and conversions to attend your event.

Live streaming is the future of online events

In the age of social media where everyone has a mobile phone and access to the internet, live-streaming is becoming a popular way for businesses to promote their events.

If you want to stay ahead of your competitors then live streaming may just be the best option for you!

You can use live streaming as a marketing tool for future events

People love watching live videos and sharing them with others. If your event was successful then you can definitely use it as a marketing tool to promote your next event by letting people know about it through the video they watched.

Live streaming is a great way to get more views for your future events at no extra cost!

Live streaming helps you build trust with potential customers

When you showcase your products and services through videos, it's harder for viewers not to buy them! As mentioned earlier, live streaming creates opportunities for conversions. This is because most of the views are coming from real people who are engaging with the content at their convenience rather than reading pre-recorded articles or blog posts that may seem less trustworthy to the viewers.

You'll get more viewers than you would otherwise

This may seem obvious but the reason why live videos are effective for events is that they get more views than non-live videos. If you want to make sure your event gets attention after it's over, then broadcast it live.

It's a great way to share your event with people who couldn't attend in person. They can still watch the live broadcast of your event at their own convenience.

It gives viewers a peek into your world

Showing people around the world what's happening in real-time is what live streaming is all about. Whether you want to broadcast your event around the world or inside your own company, people can see it as long as they're online.

Broadcasting events live is an effective way to give more exposure to your brand and let people get a peek into what you do through video content.

Live streaming helps build your brand's credibility

We already established that live-streaming builds trust with potential customers, so it only makes sense to say that it also helps you build your brand's credibility at the same time.

It's an effective yet affordable way of marketing your products and services while having real conversations with new connections in the comfort of your own home or office!

You can share the archived video on social media

People love watching live videos but not everyone can watch them at the same time. Everyone who missed your live broadcast will be able to access it later if you archive the video and make it available online.

Sharing your archived video after your event is over has one big advantage: it gives people a look into what happened at the event even if they couldn't attend themselves.

When you post a link to an archived video on social media for viewers who couldn't attend, you'll also increase the number of people that could potentially view it and interact with other viewers or even you! This creates opportunities for more conversions in the future!

Live-streaming makes your viewers feel like they're part of the experience

Live streaming creates opportunities for users to interact with each other through comments, likes, shares, or even challenges. This form of engagement is what makes viewers feel like they're also part of the experience which increases their chances of coming back for future events as well!

Live streaming has numerous benefits and opportunities for events. The best part about it is that you don't have to spend a fortune to broadcast your event live through social media or other platforms! If you want to get more people involved with your next project, consider sharing the experience with them in real-time using live streaming.


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