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14 Most Common AV Mistakes Made In Conferences And How To Avoid Them


Table of contents
14 Most Common AV Mistakes Made In Conferences And How To Avoid Them
December 7, 2021



December 7, 2021


Table of contents
14 Most Common AV Mistakes Made In Conferences And How To Avoid Them
December 7, 2021


December 7, 2021

Table of Contents

Conferences can be a challenging experience for AV professionals. Between the various set-ups and equipment, the need to accommodate multiple events at once, and deal with difficult clients, it can feel like an uphill battle sometimes.

But don't worry! We've compiled a list of 10 mistakes that we see most often in conferences that you might not even know were happening - yet they're costing you valuable time and money. Read on to find out more about these common mistakes as well as how to avoid them. 

Not enough microphones

This is one of the most common AV mistakes in conferences. Whether there are too few microphones or they're not placed in the right spots, it can be difficult to make sure everyone can be heard.

See to it that you have enough microphones for the size of your event and try to place them in areas where people will be speaking - not just in the back of the room.

Too many people speaking at the same time

This is another common AV mistake seen in conferences. Having multiple people on stage speaking at the same time can be distracting and cause poor sound quality.

Ensure that you have a clear schedule for all speakers and stick to it! If that means having people speak back-to-back, then so be it. There's no need to fight over who gets to go first.

Poor sound quality

This is another common issue that can occur in conferences. Whether it's due to a bad microphone or poor sound quality from the speakers, it can be difficult to understand what's being said.

Test your equipment before the conference begins and try to have a backup plan if something goes wrong. If all else fails, have someone translate for the audience.

Poor lighting in the room

Not having enough lighting in the room can be a big problem, especially for folks with sensory issues. Always make sure that you have enough lighting and that it's spread out evenly throughout the room. If possible, try to place some lights near the stage as well so people on stage won't be too dark.

Lack of visuals

This is another common mistake in conference AV. Many conference presentations rely on visual aids, so not having the proper equipment can be a huge letdown for all involved.

Make sure you check with your client before an event begins to see what kind of visuals they'll need and ensure you have everything ready to go at a moment's notice.

Lack of breakout rooms

This is a common mistake that can happen in conferences. Whether it's due to not enough breakout rooms or poor planning, it can cause problems for people trying to participate in multiple events at once.

Get to know how many breakout rooms are available and what times each one will be open before the event begins. Doing this ahead of time will help you avoid any issues and ensure everybody has a chance to participate.

Overcrowding in the main room

This is another common issue in conferences and can happen due to an overwhelming amount of speakers or attendees. It can be difficult for audience members to hear what's going on if there are too many people in the room, so make sure you have a good number of seats available.

Confirm how many people will be attending your conference -not just the speakers- and have a good idea of where they'll be sitting. This helps you determine how many seats you'll need in a breakout room or additional seating areas if necessary.

Not being prepared for multiple events

Having to set up for multiple events can be challenging, especially when each event has different needs. Being able to plan ahead of time can help you avoid a lot of potential problems down the road.

Have a backup plan in place for each event and know what kind of equipment is needed. This helps make the AV set-up for each conference much simpler and ensures that everything runs smoothly.

Not enough or too many power outlets

This is another common mistake in conferences. Too many power outlets can clutter the room without any place to sit, while not having enough can cause issues with equipment if everyone isn't able to plug in at once.

Have a plan for how many power outlets will be needed for each event and that they're easily accessible (not behind a desk or in a corner). This will help make your conference run more smoothly and avoid any potential problems.

Not enough staff

Not having enough staff can lead to a lot of problems, from not being able to set up equipment properly to not being able to answer questions from the audience.

Verify how many staff members will be needed and what their specific roles will be so you make proper plans. This helps ensure your conference remains on schedule and everything runs smoothly from beginning to end.

Poor projector setup

It can be difficult to see and hear what's going on if your projector isn't at the proper angle or brightness level.

Check that you have good lighting around your screen and that it's not too bright or dim. You should also ensure there aren't many shadows around the screen, which can make things difficult for speakers to be seen or heard.

Poorly planned agenda

Writing down an agenda and following it closely helps prevent any major gaps in time during your conference.

Write out a detailed agenda before your event begins and stick to it throughout the day. This will help ensure everything runs smoothly and that there aren't any distractions or delays when presenting information to audience members.

Poor technical support

Having poor technical support doesn't just disrupt your conference - it can also hurt the reputation of your organization.

Make sure you have multiple people on tap throughout the entire event to answer questions and solve any potential problems that may arise. This helps ensure all attendees are taken care of, which allows them to focus more on the information presented.

Overused technology

Using the same display equipment, projectors and other technical features may cause members of your audience to tune out, especially if they've seen it before.

Try to switch up the technology you use throughout the day to keep things fresh. This can be done by changing rooms or having events take place in multiple rooms with different pieces of equipment. This will help keep people engaged and interested in what's happening.

Avoiding all AV mistakes during an event might be hard, but trying your best not to make them ensures that your conference runs smoothly and without major problems. By being prepared ahead of time and knowing what to expect, you can avoid any issues that may arise and ensure a successful event for all involved.


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