The most flexible platform for virtual events & conferences

Bettercast is a highly flexible tool  for whatever event you are running.  From a single webinar to a massive multi-day conference Bettercast can be customised perfectly for you.

Our Industry leading technology delivers your users the highest quality event at up to 90% lower cost than any other platform.

Schedule presentations

Scheduale your talks in the Bettercast platform and start registering guests

Live stream your event

Livestream your event to unlimited guests globally with no buffering.

Talk with viewers

Your viewers will engage with presenters in real-time questions & answers.

Cloud recording

Your video is recorded for high-resolution playback for guests who can't make it.

Charge for access

Your event content now becomes an education portal for ongoing revenue.

Engaging and flexible.

Bettercast is driven by the desire to build the best user experience for your guests that we can. We understand that replicating the in-person experience is paramount to engagement, but we also understand that content consumption needs to be flexible. 

Exhibitors & sponsors love it

Same as your in person experience, Bettercast enables your guests to communicate, book meetings and more, all while delivering detailed analytics on every booth guest.

After the event is over

Events going online has been fantastic for exposing your brand far wider and building a much larger audience, however revenue is down, sponsorship is down and live streaming just isn’t earning as much as in person. 

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